Each of the school's classrooms have been lovingly re-appointed, two of which now house the Gastrobar and dining area. The walls have a thousand stories to tell, with each of the 31 individual hotel rooms named and dedicated to some of Ireland's most important and influential people.

In 1892, many of the assistant teachers had accommodation in the little rooms above the classrooms, an unusual feature of the building. Another existing feature is the present kitchen, which once served as a domestic science room for the girls of the school.

During 1961, the schools centenary year, the two classrooms being used were extensively modernised: ceilings were lowered to conserve heat and new equipment was bought. Many of the school's desks had been used as barricades at the Battle of Mount Street Bridge and carried in them bullet marks and pieces of shrapnel. New toilets were built and the tall chimneys, a feature of the building, were rebuilt to prevent more deterioration.

The total cost of these renovations was £2,100 and all for the benefit of only 42 children on the school's pupil register. Unfortunately, it became inevitable that the Department of Education would move for closure and it did in the year of 1969.

St Stephens Parochial School had served generations of teachers, pupils and the local parish for 108 years.

The building was left idle until 1997. Under a team of dedicated designers and architects, The Schoolhouse Hotel in Ballsbridge Dublin 4, opened its doors in 1998 to tremendous reviews from the public and the media. Schoolhouse remains one of the most unique premises in Dublin City Centre, known for its spectacular location, great food and warm hospitality.